Sales Slicer for the C-Suite

With forecasts you can rely on and accurate granular data, you can analyze deeper, guess less, and plan better.

no more baseless basis

Every activity record in Sales Slicer tracks the time spent allowing you see the true cost-of-sale by salesperson, customer/prospect, and offering (not to mention, region, team, or calendar period) giving you previously unattainable cost of sales info and a true-value analysis.

Comfort over Time

Since Sales Slicer improves your team’s forecast accuracy, an historical analysis of your pipeline will provide confidence when providing guidance and warnings in a downturn.

A Bright Future

Sales Slicer’s granular data can be sliced and diced to look at trends by product, client, or date.  Or to monitor top-performing business units, market segments, or geographies.  There’s nothing like a clear rear view to help inform the path ahead.

own the future.