Getting your forecast right!

Sales forecasts are rarely accurate because they’re calculated using partial information, arbitrary weightings, and a hefty dose of ‘gut-feel’.

Sales Slicer™ is an easy-to-use app that encourages salespeople to track everything important about their deals (and nothing more), including their time spent working each deal. It then compares and scores their opportunities against a benchmark of similar successfully closed deals, giving you confidence that your pipeline will yield the results you expect.

Sales Slicer™ helps salespeoplemanagers, and executives keep deals on track and deliver more predictable results.

Salespeople | See and enter only what you need to keep your deals moving along.

Sales Managers | Use our comparative data to see which efforts will yield results.


Executives | ‘Slice’ sales activities as compared to industry benchmarks.


Enterprise sales forecasting is notoriously inaccurate. 


Salespeople don’t track their activities or opportunities well because CRMs are burdensome to use and offer them little benefit.



Managers can’t guide their teams.
Executives can’t plan with confidence.
Investors can’t manage risk.

Sales Slicer solves the problem

Sales Slicer is an easy-to-use application designed expressly for salespeople, with built-in features that guide successful behaviors to help teams close more dealsThe result is a virtuous cycle that rewards salespeople for accurate data entry, which in turn improves the comparative analysis, leading to more reliable projections.

For Salespeople

Just the facts.  Sales Slicer lets salespeople track their time and focus on their deals with a minimum of keystrokes and a maximum of utility:

  • Get fast access to the most valuable information, from any device, even offline
  • Use reminders and analytics for ideas on next steps and behavior for optimal results
  • Enjoy the easy-to-use app with its create-from-email and extensive auto-complete

For Sales Managers

How may I help?  Sales managers care about keeping the pipeline moving, and Sales Slicer’s analytics pinpoint just where to focus efforts:

  • Guide your team based with insights gleaned from real-world activity monitoring
  • Review opportunity scores to highlight discrepancies between projections and deal progress
  • Compare opportunities with the Benchmark to dramatically improve forecast accuracy

For Executives

Is this for real?  Using comparative benchmarks calculated from real-world deals, Sales Slicer’s unique scoring feature gives executives and investors confidence in the sales funnel. 

  • Allocate resources with confidence thanks to improved forecast accuracy
  • Gain performance insight with dynamic views of sales activity, sliced by region, product, salesperson, and more
  • Access Sales Slicer data in your existing systems and workflows with seamless two-way integration


  • Increase confidence in forecasts
  • Use empirical evidence to help manage sales teams and improve customer engagement
  • Make better product investment decisions


  • Enterprise-class, SaaS application
  • Any browser; native IOS, Android and Windows apps
  • Synchronizes with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRMs

About Us

Sales Slicer is brought to you by USAM Group, an outsourcing firm that unifies sales and marketing to drive commercial success for innovative solution providers. We use our global reach and broad enterprise sales experience to communicate a company’s value, close enterprise deals, and build lasting relationships between vendors and their clients.

It is this collective experience as salespeople that led us to develop Sales Slicer.  When we first set out to find a pipeline management tool, we wanted a system that was both easy to update and helpful.  But, as managers and business owners, we also wanted a solution that would give us solid, actionable intelligence to help us be more successful.  When we couldn’t find an offering that met our standards, we built Sales Slicer, which today is all we hoped it would be – and more.

Get in touch below to hear how Sales Slicer can help you accelerate sales and have real confidence in your forecasts.

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