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Some salespeople are born with superhuman sales skills, but the rest of us need a little help to unleash our full potential.

Sales Slicer unlocks superpowers for your entire sales team

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to superhero-level sales success!

Even the mightiest heroes need sales help

Managers can’t support salespeople without visibility into their sales activities. 

But salespeople don’t track their activities because they don’t see how the CRM helps close deals.

This doom loop leads to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

The cycle never ends.

Until now!

Sales Slicer

Wizard-style data entry makes it easy to record all the activity details that drive progressive feedback.

Guides next steps and estimates realistic closing dates from AI-derived benchmark comparisons.

Granular data can be sliced and diced to support detailed analysis or indicate high-level trends. 

Human-driven, AI validated

Sales Slicer’s guided activity entry requires salespeople to think carefully about concrete next steps that move opportunities along.

Fortunately, it doesn’t leave salespeople to fend for themselves! Sales Slicer is an AI-driven superhero sidekick that evaluates deals and recommends activities likely to have the greatest impact.

Sales Slicer combines the best of human experience and AI learning to continually improve accuracy and help your team achieve the most predictable results possible.

Sales Superpowers


With Sales Slicer as their trusted sidekick, salespeople gain actionable insights to help them fly through the sales process.

X-ray vision

With timely and accurate activity information, sales managers gain deal transparency, letting them see through obstacles to keep deals moving forward. 


With dynamic profitability analysis and AI-validated revenue forecasts, executives gain the insight to plan with confidence.

The result? more effective sales teams, more reliable sales forecasts, and ultimately, more revenue.

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