Sales Slicer

Activity-powered. AI-perfected.

some people are born salespeople

The rest of us need a good coach

Without visibility into their activities, managers can’t effectively support their salespeople.

But salespeople don’t track activities in their CRM because they don’t see how it helps them close deals.

This chronic disconnect between sales manager and salesperson causes friction and missed opportunities.

The cycle ends now!

Sales Slicer


Sales Slicer guides salespeople to track their time precisely, encouraging them to think carefully about the activities and the concrete next steps to move deals along.


Managers review and approve activity entries, staying in sync with their team while ensuring the accuracy of all customer information.


Sales Slicer’s AI uses this pristine data to benchmark opportunities, helping improve forecast confidence while recommending new activities likely to have the greatest positive impact.

for salespeople

Effortless, wizard-style data entry paints a full picture, so you get great sales advice. 

for sales managers

AI-derived benchmarks help you deliver realistic forecasts and focus your efforts.

for the C-Suite

Accurate, granular data gives you the confidence to spot trends and allocate resources.

Sales Slicer unlocks superpowers


With Sales Slicer as a trusted sidekick, salespeople gain actionable insights to help them fly through the sales process.

X-ray vision

With timely and accurate activity information, sales managers gain deal transparency to see through obstacles and help drive deals forward. 


With dynamic profitability analysis and AI-validated revenue forecasts, the C-suite gains the objectivity to plan with confidence.

the result

  • More effective sales teams
  • More reliable forecasts
  • More revenue

get your superpowers today.